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Improving: Insert up to X verified links from project

The "Insert up to X verified links from project" function is excellent, however, when i choose 10 for example, all 10 url anchors are the same! For example, all 10 URLs created in the article are different, but all have the same anchor "plumber Detroit". This looks quite suspicious, and can be quite a fo0tprint. 

So, if possible, can we have randomised keywords from the Keywords section? So if I have 10 URLs in a single article created, then maybe it uses 10 different keywords. This way, it looks more natural.


  • SvenSven
    It would use the same anchor used for that link. Using anything else would be suspicious when following the links.
  • 911911 nomansland
    I see, didnt think about it in the form of following the links. 

    I was looking at it reading the article, there are 10 links with the same anchor text! But I guess should not be a big issue.
  • SvenSven
    you can send me the project backup (main and tier project please) to have a look. Maybe it's odd looking with room to improve things.
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