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Have you heard about this guys?

I think this will change a lot of things about how we actually build pages. If you have a site that provides information like dog training then then this is a serious blow to those pages. Afterall who will visit those pages if google simply throws that answer to the user's face.


  • katewatsonkatewatson Scottsdale
    Thanks for providing precious knowledge about How Google indexes passages of a page and what it means for SEO
  • Sooner or later, they will just start showing a lot of content from websites straight away if google keep dominating the online world.
  • That's what voice search is all about.
  • KaineKaine
    I wonder very seriously if this option will be able to exist for a long time. Personally I find that it is still very daring if you consider copyright. From the moment Google exploits your content without your authorization and you do not even benefit from the visit, for me it remains theft and they will surely be sued for this kind of practice (my opinion).
  • They do it already with recipes and the frequently asked questions. The only difference it will be that they won't rely anymore on us to mark the content but they can take it as they wish or as they like to put it "to provide the best user experience".
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