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I HIT #2 !!!

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yeah, nothing special for you old SEO folks, I know...

but thats the first time in all my IM years I am using automatic backlinking

one smaller site just hit #2, traffic stable since 14 days.

Hope the ranks will stay there. will no turn down linking to 10/500...

I am still wating for a bunch of other sites :-( . build the same way, ranked the same way except they had some web.20 blogs as addition.

As soon as they pop up, I will build new sites.

its 880 local exact searches month, low comp.

how was it build? clean wordpress site. clean onpage. nice articles. etc..

offpage: T1: articles/social network, i manually spin articles (first hated, now like it).
Secondary: all the rest, except blog comments (I now back off from them)
velocity: 30 submits T1, approx 2500 submits Secondary.

Time: Created on: 2013-01-08 12:17 - so approx 2,5 month.

Thats insane........ NEVER Before mid 2012 have taken websites with great content ( I know my nieche), so long to appear on page 1 even with low to no comp except wikipedia..

but that #2 just encourages me to go after the "hunar 500" process.. I am sick of trying to rank blogs with 200 - 500 great articles, or ytube channels with my own great video.. and then some noob with 2 strong backlinks from his friends is before my great posts with his shityy affiliate links loaded content....

I really got pissed mid 2012 when some of my sites got hit. they had no commentspam behind them, no linkbuilding, great content, pics, vids, etc.. and got placed  page 10 in 3 days when G's update came......

Still, it will take some time for the $$$ to come.... 50 visits are not that many clicks a day .... but I get views on my own embedded ytube vid > strengehtnig my channel and sometimes some clickbank clicks that envetuall will lead to some sales

just want to tell you to encourage. I spare myself the work to tell to my wife. she Does not understand IM at all.

Internet for women = shopping, looking for clothes and chatting on social networks ;-)

Internet for men: Playing Games, doing Websites and watching interesting movies about human anotomy when the wife is not at home ;-)


  • cool man, thanks for sharing!

    what is -> "go after the "hunar 500" process"
  • oh.. hunar told the had somewhat of 500 websites. most with 1-5 pages (I call that staple sites)

    I wont be going that hard (I enjoy ytube a lot more!!), but I will stay afar from building blogs..

    Rather rank smaller sites well, than writing my butt off just to please readers that will not buy....

    I rather shoot some ytube vids.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    @thisisalex what type of videos do you produce?  Product stuff?
  • Congratulations @thisisalex

    You wouldn't be interested in sharing the industry, out of curiosity.. 

    Also, did you ONLY use backlinks to get to #2, or any other SEO?

    Can you please share the numbers of links you currently have on the site.. did you say T1 has 30, T2 has 2,500?
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    Oh, I do kind of everything. but the site is a sub sub sub niche of dieting and health.

    offpage: only backlinks with gsa.

    T1: approx 900 with GSA, ahrfef says 1200.
    Secondary: GSA says 2300

    T1 IS NOT T2 !!! everyone mixed this up alltime..

    I submitted to T1 30/day, to T1secondary 2000-3000.

    for ytube:
    I do lots of review/unboxing in my native language, many recipes and dieting and health tips.

    but thats not big numbers like to US / english guys work with every day.

    Getting 60  visits / day here in germany is like a major success...
  • Thanks for the info!
  • congratulation! great done!
  • How are you monetising these smaller sites? Amazon, Clickbank...?
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    CB and ama

    But really, thats just a very small site with 880 excact match!!! So dont stress yourself.....
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    mhm, wow 100 visits per day on a 880 local monthly searches keyword? thats something. Glad for you, congrats.
  • do you use nofollow platform in the tire 1? do you have any PR conditions in Tir 1?
  • Congrats! Good work. I have similar results with SER. I'm now concentrating on conversions as I'm only getting 1% buyers
  • no PR filter (thats nonense, just get off that thinking), some nofollow, I dont use mediawiki. ration approx 80% dofollow.

    1% conversion is somewhat a good-average rate . I just dont hope oyu mean 1% CTR, thats low ;-)

    " wow 100 visits per day on a 880 local monthly searches keyword?"

    no, thats for all the traffic for that site. but I am #2 for that low-volume-low-comp keyword.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    so to clarify, as I am not sure I understand...

    Money site > Articles & SN > Everything else except BC

    You do 30/day for Tier1 and 2000 a day for Tier 2.

    But submissions, not verifications - why is that? Is it per URL? Or overall?!
  • overall with a ration of 70% do domain, rest to pages.
    counting verify is resource-killling and slows down.
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
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    OK so 30 submitted to Tier 1 a day.... If using my ratio for submitted:verified this would be about 3-5 verified only a day (about 10-15%). So let's assume 5 verified links per day to ALL of your T1 sites (not each URL)... That is a very low number? If you have 10 T1 links then it'll take you 2x days to get a verified link for each one....
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    well look at the time...... it took 3 months....... and most of the other sites I did GSA SER on are still far away from page 1.......

    and your ratio is different. mine is approx 30-50% for T1.

    that should be about 10-15 sticking links over time per day.

    just remember: some will die in a few days or weeks.

    JUST don overcomplicated it.. its about link velocity as the "pro" tell..

    why should I pump out 100 submits a day to get it ranking in 6 weeks just to keep on 100 submits a day to stay it there? is low-comp and low volume a month.

    and I updated: the site averages approx 60 visitis.
  • Your site just jumped to #2 from much lower positions or has it been moving up each day few positions ?
  • spunko2010spunko2010 Isle of Man
    edited March 2013
    why should I pump out 100 submits a day to get it ranking in 6 weeks
    just to keep on 100 submits a day to stay it there? is low-comp and low
    volume a month."

    This is true, I never thought of this. Slow but sure progress, I will try it.  I like your focus on efficiency, very German :)
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    @danhoff, I cant tell that exactly. but It was on page 1, than page 2, than nowhere, than climbed the top 10 for some time...

    I dont use rank MS tracker (setup sucks), I just check the # in statcounter form time to time for some specific KWords andI can only go back 14 days..

    @spunko.. just think ab out: why blast 10k links in a month for low comp? it might not be that quicker to rank rank than using 1k link..

    but then you will have to blast only 1k link each month instead of 10k and use the ressource for something elese..

    for mid-comp I would go to freeblogs als T1, T2 AN/SN and T2seoncarday all the rest..

    fo high comp getting high PR paid links.

    but thats just what makes sense to ME and can be different for everyone else.

    I even read about someone still ranking with forum-profile pyramids (!!!). he just used very strict PR filter.

    and I dont know if the site will stick there or not over the next month.

    dont be greedy, dont be hasty!

    read napoleon hill, start small, be consistant. results will come.
    if not? read tony robbins and change approach ;-)

    still, I love small results. I can build on them. I cant build on random results.
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