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Event Lister/Calendar Add-On For Wordpress

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited October 17 in Other / Off Topic
Happy Friday, Guys & Girls! :)

Looking for a quality (free) plug-in for Wordpress that will allow users to easily add their own events to a list of events that show up as a chronological list in a post or page.

Alternatively, a scraper that does that might be OK, too. It would have to parse new entries on different sites' events pages.

Or, an add-on that does both. I like Wordpress b/c it has a ton of add-ons available. But, creating my own stuff and integrating with WP I find more difficult than just doing it from scratch. And, a lot of the better add-ons are NOT free. Still, I like the CMS, overall...

Hope everyone's enjoying the cooler Autumn weather.  I guess those of you in the Southern Hemisphere with your reversed seasons aren't. (I know you all think WE have the reversed seasons, so how about leave it as "the reverse of our seasons?!)
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