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Stopping ONE stops (sometimes) all Projects

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Since about the last 2-3 versions, cant tell excact when and it not always the case..

but when the stopped project is started again, all other projects start just as the software was freshly opened..

so all verify start again, and so on...

thats like annoying...


  • edited March 2013
    I noticed this on some of my projects as well. I had turned on "Re-verify Links" on these projects. When I turned it off, this symptom stopped happening.

    When I was running these projects (with re-verify turned on), I would get an "error" message from SER. When I clicked on "Continue", it would. Usually one of these projects would still say "Active", but would not be running. I would get these errors over a period of time until all of these projects (with re-verify turned on) would all say "Active", but none of them would be running.

    If I then changed one of them to "Inactive" and back to "Active" all these projects would start back up.
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