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Feature Request

1. Add one Click Uncheck All Button while duplicating

2. Add Features to  search  articles. because as soon as campaigns numbers are increasing it's really difficult to find old campaign

3. Enable Ctrl + A , Ctrl + C, Ctrl+ V keyboard shortcuts in keyword window.

4. When we clone campaign, export zip is not getting exported to assigned folder. We have to export it manually

5. When we duplicate campaign please add button to to suggest keyword as it is shown when we start new campaign

6. Add one tab "REWRITE" to rewrite any article above preview button.


  • SvenSven
    1. You can use the right click on the form to uncheck all
    2. you mean "search for projects/Campaigns" not "search for articles"? Else Im not understanding this.
    3. Just ctrl+a is missing I think. I have added it for next update, thanks.
    4. sorry, can you explain what you mean by that?
    5. Isn't that there when you edit the project!?
    6. Rewrite should do what!?
  • 1. oh sorry i didnt know that
    2. Search for campaigns
    4. When we start new campaign- it give tab to find relevant keywords. but when we clone campaign we dont get option to find more relevant keywords of main keyword.

    5. Export Zip function is not exporting zip file when we duplicate campagin. we need to export zip manually after completion of campaign

    6. Rewrite should create variant version of article. it should mix sentences from scrapped articles.

  • SvenSven
    2. You have that by popup menu on the project window
    4. new version has the "Add->Scrape" option

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