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Less than 20 threads instead of 250 . Projects are excessively slow and speed drops instantaneously


I filled a bug report last week about the threading problem. Unless I pause/stop and resume/restart my project every 5 mn, threads drop from 250 to around 20 in a matter of a few minutes.

I have never experienced that before with all my projects, everything was fine.

I can not explain what is the problem, can anyone does?

Thank you  

Ps: I have lists of 100 000 Urls and try to check and send (captcha and proxies are ok)


  • SvenSven
    Your threads are all waiting for the captcha services to reply or that there are again free slots to start submitting to the service.
  • I have CM Pro with 20 threads and only 1 is working or sometimes even 0! So the captac services is not waiting because it does not receive forms to work with
  • SvenSven
    On the bugreport I can see that the majority of the threads is waiting for a free slot on the captcha service
  • So what do you think sven is the solution to the problem?
  • SvenSven
    Increase the thread limit on that captcha service when double clicking on it.
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