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a way to reduce amount of times it checks emails ?

is there a way to a way to reduce the amount of times it checks emails ?

i have changed the "login intervals" from 900 seconds to 1800 seconds,

under "email verification"  "time to wait between 2 logins"

and ticked "per account (else pop3 server)"

i wanted to reduce the amount of times it was logging in to check the emails to increase performance,
as well i was getting loads of errors such as -

"pop3 login failed sock error connection timed out"
"pop3 login failed sock error host not found"

but its still bringing loads of messages "skipped email checking"

how to take these off as well to improve performance ?


  • SvenSven
    you can also use a custom interval on the verification in project options.
  • i cant see that under

    i can see "enable custom mode" & "check emails only" (at the top)

    but nothing like what yoiu mentioned above, can you please be more specific ?
  • you mean verification of the links ?

    i meant not checking the emails so often so it does them all at the same time, to reduce resources
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