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Can you face a fine for filling out website contact forms?

First of all, congratulations! I've been using your software for a long time for specific actions, but every time more people send me threats that they will report me, they call me on the phone and tell me that what I do is SPAM... 
When I have done it for myself I don't worry, but I have done a campaign for a client and he has had some calls that have worried him.
That's why I want to ask, is it legal in Europe to fill out contact forms on a website?
Are there real sentences from small businesses convicted of spam?
My main business is in Spain, and there are a lot of idiot people who just receive a form and get annoyed.

Thank you and best regards!


  • SvenSven
    Well personally I see it like this:
    If there is a contact form, then it's purpose is to contact the webmaster by that form.

    However, Im no lawyer and I can't and will not answer it. These are just my personal views.
  • People got annoyed because they receive unwanted crap they don't need or asked and very little to do with their interest. If they receive the same text various times or own various sites and receive the same text from each of those they got pissed.

    Try to diversify your contact copy and see what happens.

    Anyway, I'm not sure about how easy to block GSA WC but since I installed a basic wordpress plugin I receive no unwanted contacts from any of my sites. So it's not like website owners couldn't avoid it if they really wanted to. But I guess Spanish just really like to talk things through :D

  • Thank you very much for the information @Sven it is good to know that there is no relevant information. As @thegypsy says in Spain people are very bored instead of taking action on their websites.

    I am still in love with all the GSA tools. Thank you!
  • lukegage92lukegage92 Buffalo, USA
    Hope you'll be able to manage the issue soon. Keep us posted.
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