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Which Proxies are better?

Quick question which proxies are better for Tier1 links. Residential rotating proxies or Dedicated proxies?


  • residential proxies are better, because they are unique
  • Thank you!
  • dedicated proxies will be used by one or two users depends on the service providers choice. residential proxies most likely to come all for yourself yet again, get them by a reputation seller.
  • Residental proxies are better. If you are someone who is new to ser, play around with some shared proxies first with lower tier campaigns. 
  • I already bought Rotating Residential 5 ports!!!
  • Better days are yet to come... Make sure to build a kickass campaign  8-)
  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    You can used dedicated proxies 
  • Depends on what kind of T1 links you build and more like how many links you plan to build. Given that both are stable enough the more IP you can get your hands on the merrier you campaign will be.
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  • Can use both. There's not much really difference.
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