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smart list in content

Is it possible to automatically insert a bulleted list within the generated text.
If not, it would be good to consider it in future updates.
Thank you.


  • SvenSven
    Yes thats possible. You have a project option in the output tab called "Add lists (<ul>,<ol>,<li>)"
  • jerhlajerhla martinique
    Ok Cool.I see it. Great Job. Thank you
  • jerhlajerhla martinique
    I also have another problem.
    When I generate content in French, I end up with a lot of titles where I have my keyword in French but the rest of the title in English.
    I try to correct this because it loses all its value but I can't find it.
    What would be the way to have only titles entirely in French?
    Thank you
  • SvenSven
    hmm this should not happen. Where exactly are these titles from? Can you check the sources for the created article (right click)?
  • jerhlajerhla martinique
    It's strange but all the articles have French sources.
    I have removed the keywords "titles with keyword" and I have much less articles in English....A see.

    Another question?
    How to insert GSA articles with a shortcode that we would put in Page Generator Pro to complete random product sheets????
  • SvenSven
    Sorry, I don't know "Page Generator Pro" and have no idea what they call shortcodes.
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