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Identified Folder does not reduce in size over time

911911 nomansland
Hi @Sven

I am trying to figure out how to exhaust my identified folder to make it all verified (how to find more verified faster).

When I monitored over last 2 days, with a project that only uses Identified links, these are my folder sizes:

Day 0 
Identified 494mb
Submitted 549mb
Verified 829mb

Day 2
Identified 511mb
Submitted 572mb
Verified 857mb

My expectation would be the Identified folder reduces in size as  links are deleted from this folder when they are submitted/verified, however the Identified folder is increasing in size instead??

Am I missing something?


  • SvenSven
    SER will never delete URLs from site lists automatically. Thats something you have to do in options->advanced->tools.
    It will only add new sites to it.
  • 911911 nomansland
    Ahh got it, thanks!
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