Autommatically Export Doesn't create zip

When i check automatically export articles when done. Then select put into zip but the articles after export spreading in the folder. It's not exporting zip.

After checking this tab it should put all the articles in zip file but its not happening.

Please add feature as Export Articles when done into ZIP.

Feature Request:

1. Add option to add image from my provided URL
2. Add option to to put authority links of choice/manually
3. Insert Option to add blurb (blurb means same 1-2 sentences in all the articles )
4. Option to search FAQ's related to keyword if possible because faq's can bring good traction for article creation. 

Thanks alot.


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    will try to add that zip on auto export as well
    1. you can do that by going to the image tab->add
    2. you can do that as well on links tab->add
    3. you can do that as well->right click on articles->insert custom data
    4. you can do that as well as you have this as AddIn
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