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Suddenly Submitted and Verified stats are gone

Hi folks, 

it now happened three times that my stats in the project area are gone. Yesterday evening I started the campaign and everything was fine.
Lots of links were submitted - but now when I look at the file where those get saved (show URls --> submitted), only one URL was left. All the rest is deleted somehow or just gone or I don't know what happened.

See the image: 0 | 0

Is there anything that I've missed here maybe?
The software is updated and apparently all seems to be working - but then, when I come back it's simply gone.

Thanks for any help :-)



  • SvenSven
    "Submitted URL count" goes up and down for several reasons:
    up - when creating an account or submitting an URL
    down - when finally verified (verified counter increases), account verified (removed and remaining target urls increases) or when SER sees no use in trying to verify an URL and simply removes it.
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