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Options - Tools - Disavow Tool. What does it used for?

Any idea guys?


  • SvenSven
    in case you want get rid of the links created and add them in google's webmaster tools to not take notice of the links.
  • According to recent google advise disavow shouldn't be used except if you are sure the links are hurting your site. Disavow was created in an era when google wasn't good at deciding which links are bad or good. Nowadays google simply ignores bad links and gives weight to good ones.
    So unless you want to flag your link list to google don't disavow your built links. Without indexing them they won't worth a dime anyway.
  • SvenSven
    I will add that explenation as a warning on next update @TheGypsy , I hope thats OK for you.
  • Understood. @Sven yes that would help the new users to understand further about the feature.
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