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Can RankerX send links to GSA SEO Indexer from different host?

Hi, I have 2 VMs, one running RankerX and the other GSA SEO Indexer, I tried setting up the emulation of Indexers but none work.
I am trying to send links from Rankerx to the SEO Indexer using any of the emulated services and I get Invalid API key every time. I have configured an aPI key but doesn't work

Can anyone help please?

This is my setup

on the computer that runs Rankerx i setup the host file with the SEO indexer ip and services like so

# -= GSA SEO Indexer =-
# -= GSA SEO Indexer =-

firewall is disabled on both 

Thank you


  • SvenSven
    On the screenshot it's written to restart the webserver. Please do that. And what error message so you get when checking from RankerX and with what service?
  • I did the restart for the server, still nothing gets pushed to GSA SEO indexer

    The error I get on RankerX is "Incorrect API key"

    I tried all the different services that SEO Indexer supports and none seem to work, some show valid API key but don't work at all, I get the following "Invalid API key" error.

    This is the screen with all the API services and the test API key

    as you can see, Index Inject shows valid, but you can put anything there and it will always show valid, also Instant link indexer shows 9999999 response but doesn't work, and the one that shows some actual info is Lindexed but still shows the Invalid API key like the rest whenI send links from RankerX.

    I have tried everything I can think of, except for maybe adding more settings to the host file to redirect the services to my local IP (host running SEO Indexer)
    are there any more setting that can be configured on the host file to redirect any of these services to the GSA SEO Indexer IP?

    Please let me know

    Thank you

  • here is one more screenshot with the services that show "working" but don't 

  • SvenSven
    It's hard to debug this without having RankerX. Can you try to install httpDebugger and check what exactly is sent?
    Or can you get me access to that RankerX installation somehow?
  • Yes, tell me what you want me to setup, teamviewer etc? And do I send it to you?
  • SvenSven and send details here on PrivateMessage.
  • Sven said: and send details here on PrivateMessage.
    Is it working yet?
  • SvenSven
    yes, this was fixed a long time ago I think.
  • Sven said:
    yes, this was fixed a long time ago I think.

    Where's the problem, @Sven? I encountered a situation similar to this.
  • SvenSven
    Please open a new thread then and explain your problems more detailed there.
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