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6 platforms in web 2.0?

Hi, a week ago I just bought the GSA SER  and I noticed that in the web 2.0 section, I only have 6 platforms, is that correct?(See image adjunt)

I have seen tutorials on youtube from years for example 2016 and it shows more web 2.0, but it only shows me 6.


  • SvenSven
    There are always problems in the definition of web2.0:
    Web2.0 for Search Engine Ranker (SER) are sites that have a fixed URL, meaning sites that use there own platform and can not be generalized. There are however a lot of platforms added in other categories that other tools would call web2.0 as well. So don't be fooled that SER has just a few sites on that category. It's just that SER can submit to many other sites using other engines/platforms added under different names on that same tree.

    However you are right that the number of web2.0 sites are shrinking or staying constant for a long time now. The reason is simple: I simply have no time constantly fixing these scripts. The sites change a lot and basically you have to addapt the changed to the script. However, you can add your own scripts very easily and support other sites.

    Thats also what is doing. And if you want to use such sites more than others, try to sign up there. The person managing this addon will make sure that the added sites stay working. Since this is a lot of work, you get this addon on a subscription base, not like with SER where you have to pay one time only for a life time license.
  • Thanks for the answer, so is the amount shown in the picture correct? That is, all the other users who have GSA SER have the same amount of web 2.0 as shown in the image?

    I asked, because I thought that only I was missing webs 2.0.
  • SvenSven
    edited September 2020
    well others might have more web2.0 as they either scripted them for themselves or bought engines form others...or use (though for serengines, you see them in a different category) like [SERENGINES Web.20] or something.
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