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This is a problem

romingsonromingson Puchong
edited August 2020 in GSA Website Contact
I use the GSA website contact form use scrape check and sent open the one project and 500 thread. Let run after stop the project and show the finish. Close the software and open again . They all information disappeared. I meet the three time already. Please check. No lag, antivirus pass already


  • SvenSven
    Your writing is hard to understand. You say that data disappeared? Which one from that screenhshot? The keywords?
  • romingsonromingson Puchong
    edited August 2020
    Yes. Include keyword,URLs that identify contact pages, Anchor texts that  identify contact pages, submission content.  All blank 
    I select scrape ,check and sent after the software write finish, I close the software and open again . So all details blank
  • SvenSven
    hmm do you maybe have a problem with free space on harddisk c: ?
  • Will check this problem
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