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Win10 blocks access (first time)

edited August 2020 in Need Help
No matter how I try to run it, I get this. Never happened before and no Win10 updates in the meantime.

Same goes for GSA CB. Xrumer and Capmonster running just fine. This is weird.


  • There's a quick workaround for this and it solves the issue, however, it's weird why it appeared in the first place.
  • SvenSven
    Is that the latest update of the tools? Try to download them from our webpage again if possible.
  • edited August 2020
    I missed some SER updates lately, now the software is updated. Need to check CB also.

    I will revert the "workaround" tomorrow, see if the same thing happens and let you know.

    It's weird, I used SER on Friday (without updates) and it worked just fine, shut down the computer and today I got this. Also, no Win10 updates in the meantime.
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