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Posting on Blogspot

How to post on a blogspot blog via email (


  • SvenSven
    Im sorry but thats not possible right now. Maybe with Serengine api it might come.
  • SvenSven
    GSA Content Generator is able to publish content directly in latest update.
  • That's great! Would it be possible to make that happen on SER too, maybe also with tumblr. I currently use ifttt to push published articles from wordpress to blogspot and tumblr but getting back the verified links is a bit tedious task.
  • SvenSven
    hmm the problem with SER is that it would need to have smtp details to an email account as well to be able to perform submissions. Im not quite sure how to add this. It is probably not required for each email account, maybe just one smtp, global setting? Im open for ideas.
  • It all depends how a ser project is set up. I currently have a main T1 project set up for each keyword I'm targeting with wordpress self hosted and sites. For that t1 I have several T2 and one T3 project.

    As long as the sites are alive or rather the sites accept the email I use for registering there is no problem of having a global smtp setting for each project. But if I want to increase the number of sites I post to and can't get more of the email I used before, I have to use new ones.

    Since the old ones and the new ones don't use the same smtp settings I'm forced to set them up in a new project and create new t2,t3 to them or set the old t2,t3 projects to use those verified links too. Depending how many projects someone has this can be very overwhelming very quickly even with one site and a bunch of keywords. 

    So for me personally who is trying to manage a web2.0 network as long as possible and keep as much sites alive as possible having the flexibility of setting the smtp server for each account is more useful than someone who is just blasting away. 
  • SvenSven
    I could maybe add some auto detection for the missing smtp data for each email account. Then you don't have to configure anything in best cases and all you need to do is importing site accounts with something like

    email:url << so it knows it has to send an email and just check for the new links on that url

  • That sounds great! Although if auto detection is too much of a hassle we can import all the smtp data with every email too. If you provide a format for importing like it's already the case with emails then that's perfect too.
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