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Content generator : Photos : automatically rename + Retrive same freepik

Hello, Sven,

Is it possible to automatically rename the title of the photos by the inserted keywords or by a relation with the article?

Is it possible for you to select photos related to our recovery theme / article ?
Example for me, marketing

Is it possible to retrieve photos by keywords on Freepik (by indicating his account identifiers) because this site is free or almost free or other photo sites but good photos ?

thank you for a great software

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  • SvenSven
    You have a project option as "Use keywords  for alt/title values in images/videos".
    Then you can of course also edit the scraped images afterwards and define the details like the author/title. is already added as scraper. You can however not scrape a special user but only by keyword. But feel free to import your own scraped images as URL manually using the ADD button.
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited August 2020
    Hello Sven

    Hello, Sven,

    Thank you for the answer :)

    I spent some time looking at a lot of options and actually almost everything is there.

    1 - adding titles and always the title of the scrapped site and not the keywords of my project (see screenshot)

    2 freepik doesn't work for me (see the very small video)

    3 - As I have a lot of custum sources, is it possible to select the number of sentences to retrieve per source (currently, it can take up to 10 per source )?

    4 - In the results tab ''article'', is it possible to display the % of copyscape and the link of the result ?

    5 - I get a 25% % plagia with copyscap. Do you know the % acceptable by Google so as not to penalize us?

    Thank you


  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited August 2020
    Here is an example or an article scrapped to and too much retrieved from a single source when I have 20 different sources at my disposal

  •  I think I'll solve my problem by using the Mix paragraphe xxx  option.  :)

    I still have a lot of testing to do to exploit all the good options...

  • SvenSven
    Thanks for the feedback. Though I will have to go though this on Monday as I already left the office (weekend). I hope you can wait till then.
  • FrancoisKFrancoisK Paris
    edited August 2020

    There's no hurry, I'm discovering new functions every day.

    I want to be completely automated

    In Mix mode paragraph xxx, with copyscap, I pass now from 24 to 97% of ''unique''.

    The only problem I have to fix is that the pictures have to be in the same category as the scrapbook and get a better ''Keyword density''.

    It would be good to separate the options of links (url) and keywords (anchors).
    the goal is to put for example 2 links (url) and 6 keywords (anchors)

    The best as for GSA SER, with a super scheduler, it would be to automate the scrap + test copyscrap and schedule the publication of x posts per day to wordpress for articles that get a score of xxx "unique". :)

    When hovering over an option, the help disappears very quickly.
    It's not easy when you don't speak English very well. :'(

    it would be nice to be able to remove smiley from articles and title  :)


  • SvenSven
    Had a look on the points from above and tried to fix it in latest update.
  • Hello Sven,

    In more than a very good product, you are very reactive to our requests.

    I don't know when you're relaxing. :p 

    Thanks again


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