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Please help - terrible issues with anchor text.

edited March 2013 in Need Help

Thanks for reading this, i really need your help. I seem to be getting hundreds of links which is great, just not as it should be.
So i have a website and i want it to rank for ten keywords for example. The project is making links for me which are quite long and not what ive programed in.

For example, on the next line i will place a anchor text;

example keyword -

I have not told the program to leave links like this, it should be leaving my keywords im trying to rank for, not a massive anchor text with keyword than a hyphen then the url all in the one anchor text.

Can someone please help me, i love this program, just cant seem to nail the anchor text.



  • SvenSven
    Bahh not this again. Disable the trackback format 2 engine. That one is producing anchor texts like this. It uses two input fields to build the final anchor text. The easiest way was to use the domain for it and to not have it "anchor - anchor".
  • Sven - Thanks so much for your fast response!
    Can you explain how to do this?
    I'm just a newbie, creating hundreds of links and program is good - just need to nail the above down!

    Thanks, ian
  • SvenSven
    well disable the engine trackbacks->trackback-format2
  • Done! Thanks.

    One last question,

    In the feild - blog comment, article, micro blog - does GSA Ranker always place an anchor text in there itself ? Or do you have to place a code in each like;

    in the middle of the blog comment or article %Randomkeyword%? (or something like that?)
  • SvenSven
    You don't have to do that but most people place a link in it to not have the URL added at the end (if the program can not locate the anchor text in the article it will place a link at the end).
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