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Suggestion for a new feature: Quillbot as a Re-Write Service?

Hi Sven,
hey guys,

so Quillbot is quite new to me. Its an AI paraphrasing tool which works pretty well.
They also offer quite cheap Premium Plans + a quite expensive API (compared to lets say Deepl API pricing). Maybe there is a way to integrate Quillbot (free, premium, API, whatever) as a rewrite service into GSA, as its AI powered and working pretty good.

Maybe also there is a way to go around the API when you have a premium account at Quillbot and to integrate this into GSA.

Just wanted to suggest this service, maybe you already heard from it. Thanks and keep up the good work!


  • SvenSven
    where do they have there API details and is there any API key I can use to test?
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