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Proxy Scraper SAVE Proxies Feature?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited August 2020 in GSA Proxy Scraper
Hi, Sven! Hope you're not overworking and have taken a break for the weekend!! :sunglasses:

I was wondering...if GSA PS crashes, the list of checked proxies always reverts to what it was when the program first opened, and doesn't count any new proxies in the approved list. Likewise, the failed ones tested and removed are back!

Is there a way you might add a feature to  [S]ave the proxies?

Right now, I shut Proxy Scraper down and re-start to lock in any changes to active proxies.

This is okay, but if GSA-SER is running, I have to STOP everything, else SER will try to use my PS proxies. I know I could manually disable them in SER (keeping it running) and THEN turn of Proxy Scraper, but a button to lock changes might be cool.

I don't know why it is as it is, I'm sure you wrote it this way for a reason!~ ;)



  • SvenSven
    the question is: why would PS crash at all? Have you been able to send a bugreport?
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    When  this happens I can't send a bug report. The progress bar moves across very slowly and never gets to the point where I can send.

    I've decreased threads lately, and it hasn't been happening, so far.
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