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Question ABout Recaptcha V3

Hi Sven,

Why website contact form submitter always skips sites that have recaptcha v3? What is the problem with them? If there is recaptcha v3 software acts as if there is no form, ALTHOUGH there is contact form, I can see. What is the reason for this:

And here the one example of skipped website because of recaptcha v3:  --> it seems like a normal regular site with a simple captcha? Isnt it?

Best Answer

  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    I don't know what else to write here to make it clear really.
    Let me rephrase it again....
    As the program can not handle sites using recaptcha v3 without browsers+javascript, it is skipping them with an error message whenever it detects it on the contact form.


  • SvenSven
    It will not be able to submit to recaptchav3 sites as they require javascript to be executed on them to get a special value.
    Our software however is not based on a browser being used in background so we can not deal with that right now.
  • ahmethannahmethann Turkmenistan
    So it is not able to submit or it can submit but dont knwo if it submitted or not because it can not read the retunr value?
  • ahmethannahmethann Turkmenistan
    :) ok it can not submit. I thought that it can submit but can not get successful message.
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