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Can someone explain proxy types in GSA SER?

I'm seeing 3 different types of proxies. They are connect, socks 4 and web. What are the difference between them?


  • SvenSven
    SOCKS is a special protocol to runnel traffic through a server. socks4=easiest, socks4a is with login/password, socks5 is the with dns resolve
    CONNECT is a special command you send to webservers who can also tunnel any traffic/protocol after established
    WEB is the only type of proxy that can only be used for WEB traffic where you connect to the server and send almost the same query you would do to a normal webserver, but with full path and login/password as parameter (optional).

    If possible take SOCKS as they are 100% anonymous and do not leak your real IP. Same applies for most CONNECT servers. But WEB is often sending the IP or at least identifying itself as a proxy to the end website.
  • Best to avoid web proxies then
  • SvenSven
    No, best to avoid WEB proxies being Transparent (leaking your IP), but even that is sometimes useful depending on what you try to do.
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