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Serious Error On Project Pause and Restart

Hello Sven,

Here is what I realize: WHne I stop and after restart project, because of a reason IT CAN NOT be as successful as before finding sites (compared to the situation where I dont pause). Here the proof: I duplicated same project. 
First project I several times paused and restart during day at different times. On the second project i just restarted for only once. Second project is very very very successull compared to the second project. It finds same number of success sites in 4 times less total site count:

I was also aware that there is some glitch about pausing and restarting the project many times (may be not just by pausing BUT pausing, closing the software and reopening the software and restarting the project) SO I am now sure that there is a serious problem related with either pause-restart OR pause-close-open-restart. After this process it reduces the success rate interestingly. For example before restart or before close-open it gives %20 sucess rate (it check successfully %20 of all found sites) but after some close-open success rates drops dramatically to %5 or %4!



  • SvenSven
    what settings do you use on the search parameters?
  • ahmethannahmethann Turkmenistan
    I dont want to stop the project now because it works flawlessly now but if you send a screeshot about what is "search parameters", I can send you when the project finishes
  • I'm seeing the same thing. Projects slow down after a couple hours. If you stop them, restart the software, then restart the project. It goes faster again for a while.
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