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How to process the rest of scraped URLs? Outreach automation

The question to all: how do we process the rest of the URLs? Any tool or service is welcome, by GSA or not.

I'm thinking about
1. Trying to post to the rest of forms with some tool 
2. Scraping emails and sending a dripping campaign
3. Searching the social media contacts with something .

I don't know if it's permitted to list other tools here (especially if GSA has no competing product), but I'd be glad for any suggestions for the software and workflow in general.


  • Are you asking what we can do with the sites that GSA Website Contact cannot post to?

    If so, I sometimes add them to Scrapebox and try posting using that.

  • romp5romp5 New York
    Right, that was my question. Will try Scrapebox, thanks!
  • SvenSven
    scrapebox will not work here as well as they also use no browser in background as far as i remember
  • romp5romp5 New York
  • SvenSven
    xrummer is not really meant to send messages to contact forms I guess, and its also not using browsers in background.
  • The best thing to post to the rest forms is to get a real Virtual Assistance who'll post  for you manually, 8 hours a daily. This what I'm going to do.

    GSA Contact not posting to recaptcha v3 is a positive thing for people like me as I can post to those "virgin forms" which are untouched by any automated software means better conversion. :)

    I can help you get VA if you want.

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