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Slow sending speed with 50 threads???

ahmethannahmethann Turkmenistan
edited August 2020 in GSA Website Contact
Hello Sven,
JUst 2 days before I was sending to 125K websites with 50 threads. It was working fine and in one second approximately it was sending to 50 websites simultaneously.

BUT now I increased the website number to 250K. Now before it starts it waits a little while saying: loading data... Also I created the project by duplicating an existing one.

After that it starts sending. BUT it send 1 by 1. It ONLY sends to 1 site in one second??? It doesnt work smultaneously even it is set to 50 threads for sending.

Here my log:
[15:33:49] Preparing startup...
[15:33:49] Creating classes...
[15:33:49] Checking message...
[15:33:51] Checking proxy setup...
[15:33:51] Loading present URLs...
[15:34:03] Loading project settings...
[15:34:03] checking/sending website -
[15:34:03] Statistics: [Websites to proceed: 213794] [Search tasks: 0]
[15:34:10] checking/sending website -
[15:34:15] checking/sending website -
[15:34:21] checking/sending website -
[15:34:34] checking/sending website -
[15:34:43] checking/sending website -
[15:34:50] checking/sending website -

As can be seen it is very very slow, I can not understand. If needed I can provide additional information. 
P.S. I have 10 proxies, each works fine.

Seond Note: I realized that it occured after duplication of project. I have firstly duplicated a project after "duplication update" that released one or 2 weeks ago. I now test other regular projects and see that after duplication all the projects slowed down. There may be a problem with related with the last "duplication update"??

Third Update: It is fixed after shutting down the software and reopenning it. There might be a problem again related with project duplication. Now it works fater after a restart.

Looking for an urgent help please



  • SvenSven
    hmm now its hard to see what it is / was. Next time please try sending a bugreport from help menu when a project runs slow as such.
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