cannot select engines on left since update

since the recent update which i just updated to 14.75
i cannot select the engines on the left (when the engines are showing) & cannot right click on engines on left (i.e. to select just dofollow engines)
the engines on the left only show when you restart gsa ser, other wise there is just a blank space on the left where the engines should be, it says "where to submit 343" but below that just a blank space, this is just since the lest update


  • SvenSven
    can you make a screenshot?
  • the engines on the left are now showing,

    when you click on the engine the "where to submit" at the top goes up or down 1, but the tick does not show on the tick box next to the engine types ,

    but the tick shows on the specific engines.

    i.e. if you tick on "exploit" the tick does not show on "exploit" but it shows on the 3 engines underneath it & the "where to submit" goes up or down by 3.

    you still cant right click to select only dofollow engines.

    gsa has just been updated, but the vps was also restarted as well at the same time,

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