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How can I get the serengines?

Please help me to get the serengine on GSA

And will it work for my projects to rank on Google faster?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited July 2020
    Hello, friend. : )
    SEREngines allows you to easily use GSA-SER to post on high quality contextual sites, like web 2.0, social networks and blog sites.

    These high quality sites are the best thing to point at your money site or whatever you're trying to rank.
    If it's a choice between posting on such sites by hand or automating it with SER, yes, it will be faster.

    But ultimately, it's about indexing your links. So SERengines is a good choice but you also need an indexer so Google sees the links.
    Don't know how you purchase at this point. Anyone else know?

    You can always try - That's the web site for the add-on. :)
    Best of luck to you!

    I have this incredible add-on, but haven't used it since they upgraded and rewrote the entire thing and put out 3.0.  I need to get to that.

  • I have GSA seo indexer with me but the think is when I go to sign up  they says 

    This product is an addon for GSA Search Engine Ranker, you will need first to own a copy of that to use our product.

    As we migrate over the SEREngines v3, signup will be temporarily disabled.

    As I am new with GSA and I don't know alot features of the software but I need high quality post for my site but I need someone to help me...

    Please can you tell me how can I get good backlink lists or how can I sign up in serengine??

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited July 2020
    OK. I guess legacy users can use it right now. I should get to it, then. :pirate:
    Hmm.....Just wait until it's available. I know they've been tweaking it for months. I should have  been more curious and looked into it already. No excuses.

    For now, you can do some Tier 1s by hand. Use GSA Search Engine Ranker to add some other T1 backlinks and balance it out, and use SER for higher tiers on all.
    Friend, what you want to use for T1 is links with LONGEVITY, else they will go away, pulling down your link pyramids behind the T1s that vanish with them!

    So links that will go away soon are not so good as T1s...
    I suggest for your T1s be really careful and make GOOD content. Spin it with a good spinner and check results. You want to do everything you can to keep those links there.

  • Thanks for the help...
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