Anyone using GSA still for tier 1 links?

Just curious if you use it for your money sites.
if yes: are you ranking good? 
Do you scrape your own lists or buy them?
should I use a vps or can I use my own computer ?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    DESERT: I have a bunch of different projects.

    Sometimes I do (some of) my T1s by hand now.

    Other times I  use SER for T1.

    I tend to mix them at this point.

    And now, there's the new SEREngines V3. (I need to check this out!)

    Other ppl use other software for T1s as well.'s relative. It depends on many factors, but if done right, SER T1s seem to help. Of course, you can throw a project together in five minutes, but you can also spend days fine-tuning everything. You'll get entirely different results, I have found.

    I use SER to scrape. Of course, you can set up scrapebox and get very high LMP, but I am OK doing it this way.  It works for me.

    There's also using Global lists, importing targets from other projects...lots of things you can do.

    VPS...probably the most professional choice. You can use your own machine, but be careful. Bloatware in this case meaning anything not GSA-related lol, will affect you.

    Your VPS is set up just to run GSA and related SEO software.

  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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    And of course, the entire time, you could have written your own engines. And now, with the SERengines 3.0, you have more power to do that. Like I said, I haven't looked into it myself, but I'm sure it's to my detriment.
  • SweetyManikaSweetyManika Addis Ababa
    It can be used pretty much on anything other than on money sites  8-)
  • You can use SER to build a very very wide variety of links including T1.  You can even manage your PBN with SER.

    I have a non-English site that I rank with SER alone.

    I buy lists. You can scrape your own but you have to be prepared to shell out quite a lot for a tools and services besides the time you need to invest to learn the whole process. TBH if you don't run an SEO service and you need proxies and servers anyway it's cheaper to buy lists.

    If you have a tight budget set it up at home. If you have money to spare buy a vps. Depending on the time you have available for learning SER the first 1-3 months will be practice, learning about tools and forum reading. You set up projects only to realize how badly you've screwed up and need to redo the whole thing. 
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