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False report on forms not found.

I'm getting an error: "no Contact links found" on a large number of URLs. 

Example URLs:

I see a few of them loads form after a few seconds. That may be the problem but it's not with all of them.

Please assist.


  • SvenSven
    i have opened the first two and didnt see any form in browser (javascript turned off}
  • Sven said:
    i have opened the first two and didnt see any form in browser (javascript turned off}
    You've to turn the Javascript on. 

    It's not detecting this dummy form I created -

    What's wrong?
  • looplineloopline
    Unless Im mistaken, and @Sven can correct me if Im wrong, but "in so many words" GSA Website Contact is using raw sockets and threads.  These are thread/socket types that are a global convention, used by programs all voer the world.  Also they do not support javascript.

    So thus website contact also does not support javascript.  So website contact sees the internet with javascript turned off.  Thus if the form is produced/hidden with javascript then website contact will not "run" the javascript and thus the form will not load and website contact will not be able to see the form. 

    Thats how it works more or less without being overly technical.
  • SvenSven
    indeed thats absolutely correct. however in some  way javascript is evaluated and simulated for the major types.
  • So, is there any solution to this problem?
  • SvenSven
    Well if javascript is required and the software is unable to simulate it, it's simply not possible to submit to these sites with our product.
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