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Error "Captcha Error: recaptcha v3 found and skipped" on almost every website.


I've loaded a list of 25k URLs, but on checking for forms, I'm getting an error "Captcha Error: recaptcha v3 found and skipped" on 90% of the websites. But when I check one by one through "Submit Message", the form shows up and the status changes to "successfully found contact form". I'm using two captcha services as well. 
I think there's a bug in the latest update. This is irritating. 

Here's a list of sample URLs:

If it's really happening due to ReCaptacha v3, what's the solution for it? I'm using 2Captcha and they claim to solve v3.

What's the solution for it? 

Please help.


  • SvenSven
    i will look into this once back in office.
  • Thanks. Look forward to a solution. 
  • Hey Sven, have you get back into the office?
  • No, sorry, because corono virus still can't go back until  disappeared
  • SvenSven
    I have just checked all of the mentioned URLs from the starting thread here.
    All of them use recaptcha v3  and I see no false detection on that whatsoever.and the message about "recaptcha v3 found and skipped" is correct.
    Now you might want to know why it is skipping them at all when you have 2captcha configured and 2captcha said they solve it. Well the reason is that our program can not work on recaptcha v3 as it is not based on a browser and requires extra data to be sent to 2captcha that is only available when we use a browser in background to resolve that data by javascript.
    Thats something we can not provide and actually don't want to as it would mean a big risk on your security and a massive slow down.
  • romp5romp5 New York
    Thanks for explaining.

    I know it's hard and slow and insecure, but I'd still want to see Captcha 3 integration. Our niche is small, so we'd appreciate as many solved captchas as possible. Both performance (small sample) and security (VPS) are not an issue.

    Your previous message would make a great warning.
  • The issue has been fixed in the latest update. It was a false detection on recaptcha v3 on Shopify websites which was actually not there. 

    Thanks Sven!
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