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How do i stop the project automatically after a certain number of verified links have been built?

I am running a blog comment project and i want it to stop after 1000 verified backlinks have been built. How do I do it? 


  • SvenSven
    its a project option that you can change from pause to stop.
  • Well I meant how can i set it to stop automatically? Not do it manually.
  • SvenSven
    again, it's in the project options!

  • Hello I am setting it. But the campaign keeps on running. 
    I have checked across multiple campaigns and they just do not stop
    I have set it to stop at 2000 verified and the project keeps running beyond 18000 verified urls 
  • SvenSven
    do you use "per URL" option.
    also what types of verified popup up?
  • These are my settings
    I have kept it to pause for 3000 minutes so that it stops and I can get time to make it inactive manually.
    No, I do not use the per URL option. 

    also what types of verified popup up?
    Not sure what you meant by this. I do not get any popups. 
    I mostly build indexer, URL shorteners and pingbacks if that's what you meant. 

  • SvenSven
    With these types of links it is not really making sense to pause or stop the submission as all of these links make only sense if you actively use them somewhere else (tier, articles...).
  • Yes I am using them on tiers. But still I want to pause them after a certain limit
  • SvenSven
    then better change things from "submission" to verification" as all the links created here are usually instantly verified.
  • Thanks its working now! 
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