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Number of used threads proxies decrease fastly

Hi Sven, I use 10 semi dedicated, they all works, but when scraping, I put only 30 threads and it decrease in few minutes each time to 1 thread. What do you think ? 


  • It works fine with scrapebox and zennoposter
  • SvenSven
    sorry but I would need to see more than just  this screenshot. How many keywords do you use and how many sources are setup? Can you paste some log lines?
  • For this campaing, i used only 2 English keywords with only same article text search (regular source) without image video. You will find log file
    5o threads to 1 in few minutes.
    log.log 516.8K
  • SvenSven
    hmm you have only 2 keywords and not really many sources so in my eyes this is looking good. Especially as you seem to use the "expired domain" sources who need a bit more parsing and are slower since they parse actually 3 sites to get the content.

    1698 articles created in about 10 minutes. Not that bad in my eyes.
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