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Awaiting account verification

olivier_84olivier_84 Paris
edited July 2020 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Hello! I have two questions! Most of my submitted urls shows the "awaiting account verification" status. What does it mean? I dont really have access to any of the email accounts. Also Im trying to set up 2captchas as my second captcha breaker but is not not working! Could anyone explain me how to do it? I just added it my api key into SER.


  • same issue her 
  • SvenSven
    1. "awaiting account verification" simply means that SER created an account and is now expecting an email to arrive with either a verification link in it or the login/password. SER will keep this account in the list for a while before deciding to give up after like 3 days or so (depends on the engine itself and it's setting in the script file).
    Often there are sites who pretend that they wills end an email but never do so it's obvious that you see them in the list for a while. Just ignore that then.
    But you wrote you have no access to the emails used on that sign-up and thats strange. If you have no access and SER can also not login, then the submission is most likely lost.

    2. 2captcha login with entered API should work fine, what error message did you get?
  • I bought the email on asia asiavirtualsolutions. Also on the data when doing the campaign, the name Im doing it with syntax, is it good that way or it should be only one name? 

    This is the error Im getting on the captcha:

  • SvenSven
    1. That contact name is something you have use but it has nothing to do with the email.

    2. Please do that which is advised on that error message, uncheck GSA Captcha Breaker's "webserver option" or at least the service you want to use and not be simulated.
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  • Ah yes it works now! thank you so much!
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