how to stop limit number of urls posted

ive set a project to
"stop the project after xxx verifications per url"

under project>options

it has already done multiples of what its supposed to do & just keeps doing more,
its the indexer engine, its done about 1500 in half a day for each project,
 i just want it to do a steady amount & put the rest in the lists for when they are needed,
but apart from turning that engine off completely (which i would have to do for each project)
how do you get it to stay at the levels you have set it to at

its not 20-30% more -its not going to stop


  • SvenSven
    if SER is over the verification limit, it will only try to verify already submitted URLs as they are build anyway. So in case you see verified popping up, it's most likely that
    a) you build them before but verify them now
    b) they have been build a long time ago by other tools/projects and SER simply found them without posting.
  • im not sure what you mean above ?

    "a) you build them before but verify them now"

    the indexer links dont do anything before verification, there are no barriers in front of verification like other platforms, they just go straight into the verified list.

    "b) they have been build a long time ago by other tools/projects and SER simply found them without posting"
    no, they have all been built today, thousands of them per project, i changed a few things around & it just started building thousands of them, there are no limits to start after a certain date etc

    i started a project scraping & posting for all platforms & the other projects are using the verified urls, but about 90% of what it is getting are indexer sites, i dont want to turn the indexer platform scrape off because they are still usefull, but all the projects are posting literally thousands of indexer urls every day.

    i think i found a solution though, everything above pr1 - send to money site, everything below pr1 use as tier 3 (?)

    i think its getting loads of indexer urls because there are a lot less barriers to getting the verification.

  • SvenSven
    ahh ok, the indexer links...thats true...they will indeed be build beside the verification limit. can you send the project backup for a closer look? Maybe its something I have to fix.
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