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Campaign Feature Request

it would be nice if you add links anytime to index. Don't you think so?
Also It would be nice to implement campaign system in gsa indexer.
So like in

Campaign 1  ----> profile Backlinks 
Campaing 2 ---->  Web 2.0 backlinks

In short.

1. Campaigning feature
2. Add links to campaign any time
3. Google index checker is possible.
4. Feature to add our sites for ping process . (you can keep your sites encrypted)


  • SvenSven
    Isn't that a double post?

    Anyway, Im not going to add campaigns, I don't think this would make sense as all you want is to get your links indexed.
    Adding a index checking tool would make sense if you have the links stored and that would waste a lot of resources. You have that in SER as it needs to take track of the links anyway.
    I can however add a ability to add your own links if you want that.
  • @Sven Yes sorry for that. I thought you missed that message.

    Regarding campaign feature. It would be useful to keep track for backlinks index status which backlink got indexed which got not. 

    when you got several clients. It would be easier to manage all links under one roof.

    Like Client 1:   9/10 got  indexed
           Client 2:   8/10 got indexed

    and so on.

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