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Question about Search online for URLs


I am asking about 1 question. Suppose I am going to scrapping urls using SER's inbuild feature Advance > Tools > Search online for URLs. What would be idle setting of this search engine option? Because I forget what was default setting and everytime it stuck.



  • SvenSven
    right click->uncheck all + by country->international.
    Thanked by 1git
  • gitgit India
    Thanks Sven, Appreciate your quick update and golden help.
  • gitgit India
    Hi Sven,

    In my case right click->uncheck all + by country->United States is giving better results.

  • try a few different variations, because using a variety of search engines & locations will bring in more results, if you just want usa - just use usa.
  • ps
    you can save the engine selection by
    project>options>right click on all the search engines>bottom selection"save selection"

    replace star with file name, then if youve spent ages selecting new engines & dont like them, then import the file you saved

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