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How to Scrape Article Content from Google if Proxies Don't Work?


I am having difficulties figuring out how to scrape content from the Google source still.  Earlier I had an issue of empty content, which wass related to my proxies not working I guesss.

Disabling the proxies made SEO Content Generator actually succeed in attempting to scrape content.  However, ofc without the proxies that did not last long.  Now that my IP is blocked, I am back to needing proxies working for GSA. =/

The proxies I got are from, and test out fine inside of GSA.  The proxies work fine in other software like Scrapebox too.  I am inclined to think from this that GSA Content Generator is somehow not using these proxies properly.  Like a bug or something?

Should I try the advertissed storm proxies I see around the forums here?  Or there is something else I can try?
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