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How should be GSA SER projects efficiently arranged to create more links?

majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
Hello Sven,
is it better to create one master project and duplicate it aside (lets says 5 times), or create master project (already having approx. 19900 verified links for a few months) and create 5 Tiers below it? I have recently purchased here on Your board annual DropBox subscription with links refreshed every now and then, but DropBpox fights with GSA SER for system resources. Therefore I perform projects to reset some email cache, unify articles to keep only 1 finespinned and so one. My VpM falls no matter how I did it to @ 0,23VpM in a while.
You helped me some tine ago resolve freezing of GSA SER because of houndreds of e-mail addresses, that were kept in RAM. So now, I use for master project just 1000 of them, and they are shared to its Tiers. Now, highest file size in the folder is master's file (.statics @ 25MB).

Any hint would be appreciated from You.


  • SvenSven
    hmm 1000 of emails in one project? Thats still way too much in my eyes. You should keep it to a max of 10 unless you want a lot more accounts per site.
    I personally would use one main project and tiers below it. Im no fan of a lot projects duplicate the content of each other.
  • majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
    That was initialy my first attempt, to allow more accounts on the same site. So now with SERP list, I should decrease the count of e-mails, and also the accounts per site, where these settings will be inherited from the master project?
  • SvenSven
  • majkee97majkee97 Prague, The Capital, Czech Republic
    OK, thanks for Your advice. I just made it like that.
    We will see, what will be the outcome.
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