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Regarding submission of multiple target URL.


I have a query about submission. Suppose I am adding more than 1 URL an instance 10 URLs. And I am not choosing option "RANDOM submission from the above list".  I have a list of 1000 web directories in my ser list then what would be the result? Are 10 URLs submitted to 1000 directories or each 1 URL will be submitted to 1000 directories?


  • SvenSven
    This "RANDOM" means that SER is choosing one random URL from the project URLs and starts submission. Without the "RANDOM" option it would take one after the other.

    It's not really much influencing things.
  • gitgit India
    edited June 2020
    That I understood. But my question is suppose I am populating target list of 10 URLs for submission and I have 1000 directories (example) then what will be resulting. 10 x 1000 means each 1 URL submitted to 1000 directories or 10 / 1000 means every URL will have 100 directories links.
  • SvenSven
    10 x 1000
  • gitgit India
    Thanks a lot Sven. Got it. Appreciate your quick updating and guidance. Have a nice day.
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