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Help please

I'm spending a lot of time and money on GSA, when i checked your software i realized it's awesome.

But for some reason i'm having some wired issues, my computer is 48Core 1GBPS server 68 GB Ram and everything.

I'm using 200 dedicated proxies and project settings and everything is fine (30 root domain catchall email), however GSA just isn't working well for me. I am using GSA captha breaker with Xevil. WordAI/Menterprise for content.

I tried 3-4 link list selling services, i made python programmes and scraped my own list and all.

I bought GSA in 2016 i think, used it now and then, but in jan-feb 2020 i tried my hands on it again.

This time when i digged deep i saw you guys have so many (pretty much everything) alreaady covered features.

However i'm getting very poor results, can you help me?

I'm looking for some serious usage, i hope you guys reply me.


  • SvenSven
    You wrote me by email with "don't dens me to the forum"....guess it's not that bad after all! Anyway I asked this my email...

    when you say "poor results" then please define that a bit more.
    Based on your setup it might be slow e.g. because you use xevil inside
    CB? I hope you don't do that as it would be a cause of slow submission.
    You should always use the services inside SER only.
    However, send some screenshots of the  config.
  • check email please.
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