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Same image sometime is solved sometimes not

edited March 2013 in Bugs
Please check the image bellow

1) Captcha AMLDD is one time seen as  Getboo type and is solved but first time is seen as a plogger captcha and is skipped. How I can avoid this in future ?

2) The 2BUH captcha seems quite easy to be solved but CB returned a very dissapointing results confusing 2 with Z (acceptable) and B with R (unacceptable) Is there a way we the user or you the developer can improve the rate on this captcha up to 100% ?


Thank you for such a nice piece of software and as soon as I understand how things works I can improve things on my end (Im kind of person that like to improve everythin I touch, if I can :) )


  • SvenSven

    1) send me the captcha and I have a look why the detection failed.

    2) open that in the SDK and see why.

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