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What are the uses of public proxies?

Hi all! using public proxies on ser is not a ideal option nowadays. What are the things I can do with public proxies? 


  • You can collect them in a spreadsheet then group them by various criteria that you make up like all have the same 3 last digits. You can convince your friends or family to play with you too so everybody can have some cheap fun. You can even hunt together on the weekends like airplane spotters do but this is less noisy and everybody can do it in a shaded room protected from sunlight, rain or covid.
    Also you can port scan them and use those proxies anywhere you fancy.
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    Tried port scanning for the first time last week. Found nothing so far. :(

    Chose IP ranges near a few that were collected by GSA PS online sources recently that tested as working, and tried searching on commonly used ports.

    I'll try again soon. Reminds me of "friends" scanning for PBX access codes way back when...same idea...both  facilitate communications! ;)

    Though there are no guarantees there will be a proxy on any given IP, whereas with a PBX, there were certain to be codes. Slightly different. Also difference of data/voice use...
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