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[Article] SEO Case Study - 0 To 200,000 Monthly Organic Traffic In 2 Years


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    From the above article:

    "DON’T ever use generic stock photos (office people smiling)."

    hahaha I see that all the time! They're so corny and phoney, too! haha In real life, people in offices often look haggard and stressed. :unamused:

    I like the idea of tiers, prioritizing easy, difficult, and super-challenging KWs, and dealing with them in that order of significance.

    Step #4 - Ongoing Interlinking..hmm..I wonder whether a link that is simply an important KW and contextual, within a sentence, works better than a link in a box describing the page linked to?

    I'd guess yes, as otherwise the link text is always something like "click here to blag blah blah, or for more info check out the spinning widget page" and not the KWs. These are not as valuable I now realize, though I feel still important for good user experience. I guess have both??
  • Hello, 
    Wow it's great achievement.
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