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What does Modify Project > Reset Data Do?

I want to reset the counters for submitted & verified links but cant find the option

i saw the "Modify Project > Reset Data" option but dont want to screw anything esle up.

1) What Data does tis option reset? Modify Project > Reset Data

2) How do i reset the submitted & verified links counters to Zero?



  • SvenSven
    1) If you hit that option, you get a listing of what you want to reset. That should explain it all.
    2) Why you want to do that at all? Resetting the counter would mean you delete the verified/submitted URLs from project.

  • hi Sven.. I dont want to delete the actual URLS .. just the counter (statistics) trying to test new settings so i want to see how it affects the submitted/verified numbers over a period of 1 day - 1 week. Its easier to do that when the counter is zero.  

    is there a way to reset the statistics counter to Zero without deleting the actual verified submitted URLs?

  • SvenSven
    You can try to run one project only and use the counter for verified/submitted at the status bar as quality signal. That one resets at 0:00 on a new day.
    Or you can as well use the LpM / VpM (links per minute, verified per minute...) at the status bar as most do to measure certain settings. You can reset that statistic easily on a click.
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