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Recently I procured GSA SER EN software. I had GSA SEO indexer. I started a project in GSA SER EN using option with indexing with GSA SEO indexer. But unfortunately I found it does not send automatically but I need to press button "test". After pressing test button, it send ONLY 10 links to my GSA SEO indexer while my GSA SER EN shows already 970 dofollow links have been created.

Thus, I tried to configure Elite indexer with proper API Key but it also does not send any link automatically I need to press button "test" and after that it send only 10 links to Elite indexer too.

Very confusing. Could you please guide me how to correct this? May be I am configuring something wrong.


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    Hi. I know that you probably set up the Options>>Indexing in Search Engine Ranker.

    But did you also do it in your projects that you want to have send the links?

    Open  a project. Goto Options Tab. Scroll down a tiny bit and check
    [X] Send verified links to Indexer Services and check off SEO Indexer and Other.

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    Check attached.

  • gitgit India
    Should I need to remove X from send verified link to Indexer services?
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    No; you nave it right! :) also have it checked to wait five days! That's OK. Some people on this forum more experienced than I suggest doing that.

    I suggest waiting five days and see if the indexing begins.
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    My Question is this
    1. Does it automatically done? Or I need to push using button of test?
    Because I am monitoring both indexers from last 2 days but did not happen anything like automatically submission to either gsa seo indexer or Elite indexer.

    2. While I am pressing the "test" button that time why every time only 10 links are being submitted to indexer? Why not submit to all? Because I am seeing around 950 verified links in list.
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    If you have the Indexeres enabled in the Options>>Indexing popup in SER
    you have these indexers enabled on a per-project basis 
    Then it's automatic.

    You also have it set to a delay of five days before it will index. So of course you won't see any activity yet.

    The test button is just to make sure everything is working. It's not necessary to hit TEST every time to submit links to indexers! :dizzy: That would definitely NOT be very much an automated process!

    Maybe uncheck "wait five days" and then run a project to see if it instantly indexes? But I guess recheck the box afterwards. As i said, I don't do this but experts on here said to. (Should follow their advice, actually!)
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    Let's wait for 5 days. Let's see what is happening within 5 days. Because already 2 days finished nothing happening automatically.
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    Oh. Then so far, so good. In five days I think you're going to be happy to see everything working, as the tests worked already. You have something cool to look forward to! :)
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