How to connect to Xevil

I want to add 2nd captcha solving solution - Xevil.

But I have a problem, whatever service I choose as emulation it never works.
Can you please suggest what service should I use?


  • Balance check pass -
    But actual ReCaptcha test not -
  • And look this one -
    This is when I add Xevil as service and if I click test captcha (recapcha)
  • While I run it with Xevil as service in GSA, Xevil shows:

    But log shows errors:

    How can I be sure that Xevil returns captcha back to GSA SER?

  • One thing I see in log:

  • After restarting Xevil I see new errors in GSA:

    15:19:08: [-] 452/549 ReCaptcha v2 solving failed - XEvil: ReCaptcha2 Module not active/Not running XEvil v4.xx+

    @sven ;
    Why does it mention XEvil v4.xx when latest version of Xevil is 3.0.4 
    and it does support ReCaptcha2

  • SvenSven
    As far as I know, you need this recaptchav2 module being activated and thats only part of this v4+ version.
    Maybe someone else can jump i here and explain as I don't own this software.
  • But how did you make a module for 4+ version when there isn't 4 version at all?

    The latest version is 3.0.4
  • SvenSven
    There is a beta version available. I don't know if it's official or not or where you can request it.
  • I hope someone can help me to setup the current stable version of Xevil with GSA.
    @Sven can I send you my VPN login into to try to make it work?
  • SvenSven
    That would not help as you really need v4+ ... I don't know where to get that really.
  • robin1337robin1337 Germany
    You get the 4.0 version once you purchase a fitting license, it costs around $200. You will need to install regular Xevil and then patch the beta files manually. 
  • edited June 6
    contact developer of xevil, he should try to help if he really wants to sell in future.

    Lot of people complain about the working and support, hope you haven't paid for it yet.
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